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It’s hard to resist including the word ‘exciting’ when self-promoting music. I will do my best, but I am excited to announce that we have completed our new EP 'EIGHT IN THE EVENING IN SPRING' and will soon be releasing it, with a launch party at the fantastic Rondo Theatre in Bath on 17th July (ticket link below).

We also have a new YouTube channel here and this new tune and video (like and subscribe):

You can buy EP Launch Party tickets for 17th July at the Rondo Theatre, Bath here now. The blurb for the evening goes like this: 'Special guest speakers bearing remarkable resemblance to the band will give short informative and entertaining presentations (not on zoom) on relevant topics before they perform a live reimagining of their most recent recorded works and highlights from earlier releases. Expect lights, theatrics, valiant attempts at humour and authentic and spontaneous improvisation and expression in musical form. Souls may be exposed in this show.' Exciting!

Early last year, we were planning to record an album. We changed our plans slightly, or rather - something external changed them for us. It turns out, the revised method of recording actually really suited us. I borrowed some equipment, walked across the track into the secluded woods to the river bank each evening in spring and recorded guide tracks to a click. Then, in the summer, we each went into the studio one by one to lay over our parts. We benefitted from studio owned Dom’s extraordinary sound design talent. We sent the tracks to our talented friends for them to sprinkle some magic (Beth Porter: The Bookshop Band, The Heavy, Newton Faulkner... Jonathan Farey: BBC Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Opera House... Jools Scott: as heard on BBC Radio 3, professional pianist, composer of The Cool Web [performed St Paul's Cathedral] ) and let Dom (Nine Volt Leap Studios) do his thing.

Later, I got a camera and started messing about in the surrounding countryside, did lots of band admin and enlisted some more technically capable friends (thanks Ian Clutterbuck) and hey presto, our new EP: eight in the evening in spring (release date tbc).

Name-dropping: tick.

Video link: tick.

Launch party ticket link: tick.

Mild self-deprecation: tick.

It’s all very….marvellous.

We hope to actually see you all soon.

Peace and love.

Rob x

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