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New live vid - 'late night, heavy rain, waiting for a train'

[Thoughts of a frontman, part 16].

Great progress this week - two thirds of the way there with our crowdfunding campaign and well over £300! Thank you!

To celebrate, I've uploaded our latest film from the recording of the album, filmed and edited by the great Ian Clutterbuck at Stage 2 Studios in Bath.

This is our best live video so far, without a doubt:

On the EP sleeve I wrote about this song: 'take a risk. 'leap and the net will appear' John Burroughs.'

The scene is well described and the dilemna that the protagonist has is partly a reflection of reminding myself to be bold and take risks. The security of the familiar can be deceptive. I could have said this in many other ways - 'fortune favours the brave' for one. I also take 'go with the flow' to mean 'recognise when things are changing and take your chances'. There are times when staying put is the best thing to do, but don't miss those moments of opportunity.

I often have a particular place in mind when writing a song and this time it's unquestionably Castle Cary station. It's in the middle of nowhere somewhere between London and Cornwall. It also happens to be the closest station to Glastonbury Festival (the site of one of our more quirky memorable gigs). What is unusual about Castle Cary station is that it doesn't appear to be a destination worthy of a station, except that it drops you off in the Somerset countryside. I remember changing trains there one night, walking along the end of the moodily lit platform and looking out into the darkness to see if I could spot my train in the distance, enjoying a rare moment of reflection in the nothing time.

May you make the most of the cards you've been dealt.

love and peace

Rob and co.

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