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Crowdfunding (Thoughts of a frontman, part 15)

We've produced a new EP! We've recorded it, mixed it, filmed it, mastered it, listened to it, over familiarised ourselves with it so that we have identified it's imperfections (not necessarily negative,) had the artwork designed......BUT there's one thing left -we need to print the CDs.

We decided we'd had enough of digging into our gig-money piggy bank and it's time to ask for your help. We're asking for £500 to print the CDs by 31st August. The official digital release (through Songs and Whispers) is on the 14th September. We've had an encouraging start with 1/3 of our target already met - thanks to those who've contributed.

Our 'perks' include CD bundles and house gigs - but we've only a limited amount on offer, so get in there quick.

The link to the crowdfunding site with our begging video is here:

See you at Sunrise Festival!


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