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Captain's blog (new vid)

A year since the last post, so much has happened both personally and with the band. Further to the sad last post, my (i'm Rob - lead singer) partner and I have had a baby very recently - Jasper (what a lush babberr!). In the gap between Joe's death and his brother Jasper being born, a lot happened with the band (cathartic songwriting etc), culminating in the first of a few new videos now posted on the homepage and also the completion of the EP 'about hope' recorded at Stage 2 Studios in Bath and Laverton Church, Somerset. Thanks to Neil Gay, Josh Clark, Josh Gallop, Ian Clutterbuck and many others for all your help with getting this all together.

In terms of gigs, we're now keeping our heads low so that I can be a good father for a few months, but will return at the Sunrise Festival and then the Priston Village Festival in late summer - see you then! We will announce the release date of the EP as soon as we have it. In the meantime, here's the first of the videos (by Ian Clutterbuck):

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