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Thoughts of a frontman, part 12.

Anything Elvis can do, we can do.........different! It's not what you'd expect - the label we are signed to (Songs and Whispers) and the umbrella publishing and licensing company (Budde Music) own the rights and the song appeared on a list of potential tunes we were invited to record. We've re-worked it in our own style. The chord structure has changed with a new middle 8 and the main melody is subtly different. Thanks to all the guys at Songs and Whispers, Heiko and Bobbo for the recording, Mona and co for the backing vocals, plus Josh Clark from Get Real Audio for doing a great mixing and mastering job.

To celebrate, here's a picture of the band larking about doing some Tai Chi at a service station in Germany!

Here's the lads pissing about with Tai Chi at a German service station to celebrate!

Next up is a couple of gigs before Christmas / The Winterval and the practising one of our songs for the 3rd album for which we will do a live recording and film. We might just re-release our latest album with the title extended to 'Astrophysics saved my life - THIS CHRISTMAS' and put xmas bells over everything. Sell-outs!

Love and peace.

Rob and all.

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