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Another piss up in a brauhaus!

[Thoughts of a frontman, part 11]

‘It turns out we can organise a piss-up in a Brauhaus!’ says Brian as Tobi – good friend and proprietor of ‘Norderneyer Brauhaus’ came back into view after 2 years, playfully zigzagging his way towards the ferry terminal in his little electric van. ‘Phew – he is pleased to see us’ thought we, after initial doubts from knowing how busy he’d been expanding his brewery business. We have struck up quite a friendship with Tobi and although upset that Annie wasn’t with us, he soon started pouring weissbier down our necks and surprising me with a 40th birthday cake and card with words from my lovely fiancé Lou. Thanks also to Doris (Tobi’s partner) – made us feel very welcome. The gig was another sell-out.

Smug about the relatively painless hangovers that german beer affords and pleased with ourselves for making the early ferry, we drifted wearily back to the mainland to reunit with Ludwig and roll-on down to Unna. Nice classic muso pub gig – we’ll be back. Then the mammoth autobahn trundling really began with frankly underwhelming gigs in Dresden and Rostock. Great hosts, good looking cities and nice venues, but yeah – let’s leave it there.

After what felt like a 3 day circumnavigation of northern Europe, we have arrived home with some national radio play, a festival or two in the diary for next year plus a single cover to mix and master with Josh Clarke.

Thanks Songs and Whispers and all the lovely people we met on the way.

Full gig vid (bit dark to start with):

I sign off with the words of Tobi from Norderneyer Brauhaus: ‘drink local, think global’.

Auf wiedersehen!


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