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The vicar of whiskey [Thoughts of a front man, part 10]

A party animal vicar (Bernd) who wooed us all back to his whiskey storage building (or 'house' to most people); lush acoustics and a swinging angel made for a great gig in a country church near Walsrode on Thursday. I had to play the part of Dad and physically pulled the boys out when 1am came before things got messy…er. Notable mention goes to Riddle and The Stars who shared the bill and also got out just in time. Thanks Bernd!

On Friday we travelled down to Douchebag (Duisburg) for possibly our best ever gig. The gig at the Sendesaal the next day was made tough by our 4am arrival back from Duisburg (3 1/2 hour post-gig drive). We were so well looked after by Hannes and the audience response was a real buzz. He’s invited us back to play Tempel Folkfestival in June to 8,000 people – that would be a yes.

Sunday night was the one I personally had been waiting for – a gig in a planetarium. It sold out and we turned 10 people away. Imagine a dome shaped spaceship where all 35 passengers sit in the round gazing up at the night sky. The band squeezed into the space in the middle and Andreas (planetarium pilot) steered us through star-scapes before we played a 45 minute set. A dream come true! We’re in talks with much larger planetariums in Berlin, Wolfsburg for some more shows.

Over and out. Captain Rob.

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