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Pants and socks and rock and roll!

Days off are dangerous. After rehearsal, we went for a meal and a beer and woke up groggy. Happily, news from Heiko at Songs and Whispers of some national radio play offset the grogginess (‘DRadio Kultur’). I’ve looked out of the window and the paparazzi must have gone for a coffee. Joking aside, we’re obviously very pleased to get radio play and hope it translates into record sales – ‘tho in reality I know one-off plays rarely do this.

I’m currently in the laundrette with Ian waiting for the drier to finish. Amazingly I’ve managed some pigeon German to help explain how the new machines work to an older German gentleman. This is true rock and roll - it will be lovely to have fresh socks and pants for the latter end of the tour which involves a lot more travel (Nordeney – Unna – Dresden – Rostock – Bremen – Home).

We had an amazing, but sandy, gig on the banks of the Weser in Loxstedt near where it meets the sea – right up my street (river). When we arrived it looked like a crap place to gig, but suddenly a crowd arrived and we had people dancing in the sand while a cruise-ship glided by - perfect.

Rock n Roll moment: sat in the laundrette writing this blog.

Phrase of the day: Where’s Jay?

Next 3 gigs: Walsrode today, Tempel Duisburg tomorrow and SENDESAAL, BREMEN on SATURDAY!

Gordon doing the business in the sand, nr Loxstedt on Tuesday.

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