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"GORDON'S ALIVE!!!" [Thoughts of a frontman, part 8]

“Why do you have a little man with you on stage!?” ‘which member of the band were they talking about?’ thought I, but no it was Gordon – our action man astronaut who sells the merchandise (named after the astronaut Gordon Cooper ).

Gordon at Merleyn, Doetinchem yesterday [picture courtesy of Annita Keizer]

The journey to Doetinchem in The Netherlands was a 6 hour nightmare: 1 odd satnav diversion into a congested flea market; 2 hours queuing on the autobahn with the more elderly passenger in the car in front having to squat to pee in full view; and two steering wheel banging incidents where I lost my rag as we cut it finer than a subatomic particle before eventually missing the record store gig!

Phrase of the day: Where’s Jay?

Rock and roll moment: Jay riding the footplate of Ludwig on the autobahn (average speed 4mph).

Video of the day: live and unplugged in Doetinchem

Next gig: Weserperle, nr Bremen (banks of the Weser 27th Sept).

More soon. Rob #RiversOnTour

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