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Thoughts of a frontman, part 6 - tour lineup and blog practice?

Tour blog practice.

Our European Tour starts on 23rd September! The last tour featured the amazing blogging talents of Annie Tyhurst - read it here

The lineup for this tour is slightly different this time and reflects who is most frequently rehearsing and gigging with the band. We welcome the incredible guitar and vocal talents of Ian White - just lush. Annie occasionally gigs with us and we may have a guest appearance from new violinist 'Roz' who has fitted in marvellously with the sound of the band. The picture below by Robin Messer (thanks Robin) includes from left to right: Ian White, Brian Madigan, myself and Jacob Tyghe (of Port Erin, The Brackish and other marvellous band outfits fame).

I've been thinking about how to make a blog genuinely interesting while touring, without just sounding like promoting or showing off. Annie did such a good job - it was honest and funny.

I think the human story of touring is what makes it interesting, not the show off bit, but the truthful process bits.

It's gonna be about over two weeks and 3,000 miles of strange conversations, great gigs, crap gigs, great digs, crap digs, petty squabbles and comradeship. Follow here or via out social media sites.

love, more now than ever


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