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October 21, 2018

Launch gig - with complementary CD, mulled wine and mince pies by the fire.

We're returning to the small but perfectly formed Laverton Church for our launch party on Saturday 8th December. It's the location of bassist The Goat's wedding (he lived in the adjacent cottage) and where we recorded the fourth track on the EP 'an endless flow'.

Yes, it's December s...

July 28, 2018

[Thoughts of a frontman, part 16].

Great progress this week - two thirds of the way there with our crowdfunding campaign and well over £300!  Thank you! 

To celebrate, I've uploaded our latest film from the recording of the album, filmed and edited by the great Ian Clutterbuck at Stage 2 Studios in Bath.

This is our best live video so far, without a doubt...

July 21, 2018

We've produced a new EP!  We've recorded it, mixed it, filmed it, mastered it, listened to it, over familiarised ourselves with it so that we have identified it's imperfections (not necessarily negative,) had the artwork designed......BUT there's one thing left -we need to print the CDs. 

We decided we'd had enough of digging into our gig-money pig...

April 25, 2018

A year since the last post, so much has happened both personally and with the band.  Further to the sad last post, my (i'm Rob - lead singer) partner and I have had a baby very recently - Jasper (what a lush babberr!).  In the gap between Joe's death and his brother Jasper being born, a lot happened with the band (cathartic songwriting etc), culminating in...

April 13, 2017

Thoughts of a frontman, part 13.

We've cleared the diary following the sad passing of Rob and Lou's baby son Joe.  They are fundraising with a 100-mile walk in his memory and the band will return in September.


See you later in 2017.


November 12, 2016

Thoughts of a frontman, part 12.

Anything Elvis can do, we can do.........different!  It's not what you'd expect - the label we are signed to (Songs and Whispers) and the umbrella publishing and licensing company (Budde Music) own the rights and the song appeared on a list of potential tunes we were invited to record.  We've re-worked it in our own style. Th...

October 13, 2016

[Thoughts of a frontman, part 11]

‘It turns out we can organise a piss-up in a Brauhaus!’ says Brian as Tobi – good friend and proprietor of ‘Norderneyer Brauhaus’ came back into view after 2 years, playfully zigzagging his way towards the ferry terminal in his little electric van.  ‘Phew – he is pleased to see us’ thought we, after initial doubts from knowi...

October 3, 2016

A party animal vicar (Bernd) who wooed us all back to his whiskey storage building (or 'house' to most people); lush acoustics and a swinging angel made for a great gig in a country church near Walsrode on Thursday.  I had to play the part of Dad and physically pulled the boys out when 1am came before things got messy…er.  Notable mention goes to Riddle and...

September 29, 2016

Days off are dangerous.  After rehearsal, we went for a meal and a beer and woke up groggy.  Happily, news from Heiko at Songs and Whispers of some national radio play offset the grogginess (‘DRadio Kultur’).  I’ve looked out of the window and the paparazzi must have gone for a coffee.  Joking aside, we’re obviously very pleased to get radio play and hope i...

September 26, 2016

“Why do you have a little man with you on stage!?” ‘which member of the band were they  talking about?’ thought I, but no it was Gordon – our action man astronaut who sells the merchandise (named after the astronaut Gordon Cooper https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Cooper#UFO_sightings ).

Gordon at Merleyn, Doetinchem yesterday [picture courtesy of Annita K...

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